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Product Visionaires Product Visionaires

The Spreespeicher at the Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin is a solid example of the architecture of the last century within innovative surroundings: directly adjacent to the river Spree: SOLID:FLOW. The interplay of “solid and flow”, transparency and proximity, makes for an astonishingly creative location. The quintessence of the design is a room-in-a-room solution – a perforated curved hybrid form leading through both floors, shaping the office centre of PV. Laminated safety glass connected to the hybrid form creates a mathematical pattern on the outside of the shape – standing in clear contrast to the free form. This all reinforces the contrast of Solid:Flow – an interaction between solid, dense bodies and an intertwining hybrid form. The complex design reflects the diversity of the company’s complex tasks: lifestyle specialists segregating transient from decisive aspects, developing strong solid solutions constantly influenced by the creative flow.

product Visionaires Product Visionaires Product Visionaires
product Visionaires product Visionaires product Visionaires